Saturday, 3 September 2011


Hey everyone!

As you can see the coming samskarams has me excited and thus taking a little time in between my preparations to move to write what's on my mind.

Of the five initiations or rites, Sri Karalappakam Anantha Padhmanabhan writes in his excellent treatise on Samashrayanam that the most important is the fourth section or Mantram Samskaram. Tonight I was putting things up on youtube to listen to as I did my things and one that I played was the Dvayam Mantram. This is one of the mantras I will receive. Listening to it, it's beauty is as alluring as the most beautiful flower who's nectar overflows.

The Dvayam Mantram is described as the Gem among mantras and listing to how the words are strung together and the vibrations is produces (not to sound like a new age hippie) certainly has a power on its own. Sri Karalappakam Anantha Padhmanabhan says of the mantram:

"Dvaya Mantram consists of two lines... This helps one to perform SaranAgati unto Sriman NArAyanA. Once this mantrA is initiated by the AchAryA, it should be recited constantly within ourselves. It can be recited by the sishyA without bothering about time, place etc. Infact Dvayam should be dancing in the lips of all the SriVaishnavAs all the time. It is infact an instruction from BhagavAn Ramanuja that Dvayam should be chanted for maximum time possible.

Please, hit play and close your eyes and listen and then feel. How the whole world is not falling to the lotus feet of the Lord is beyond me, enjoy.


Sarojini said...

That was really pretty. I am excited for you, wish by some miracle I could make it out. *sigh*

dasyai said...

That's a really good youtube channel for Sri Vaishnava songs that you've selected!
Hope this path helps you accomplish the ultimate task, that of liberation. Wish you a great spiritual journey...!

KODANDA said...

Thank you Dasyaiji, btw I love your blog!

Mathurakavi Ramanuja Dasan said...

Dvaya Mantra is not to be revealed in public like so. Our Acharyas have fought hard to keep it a secret. Anything that is put in open like this to public will lose its value. Kindly request you to remove link to any audio recordings of dvaya mantra on youtube or elsewhere.