Saturday, 4 June 2011

Western Hindu's coming together via Internet

I love the fact that what started as one lone blog of an Englishman in his quest to not only feel along his path but to help others has spawned quite a few other blogs along with this one. I think it is great we can have a community that helps to reinforce and help us each along in our journeys. We each have different paths, traditions and our own ideas about God but we pool together and help each other with words of advice and encouragement.

If you are a westerner that reads these blogs, please start your own blog or take an active part in our blogs with your own take and feelings on the subject. The larger our community becomes the easier it will be for others trying to feel through this maze we call Sanatana Dharma and be less likely to walk away discouraged from the endless possibilities. We all have an opportunity to help our community grow, be recognised as a movement that is not only solid in our sadhana, but a community that is here to stay.

For the Native Hindus that have taken part in our blogs, thank you, your knowledge and wisdom has been a god send to all of us and your input is highly valued. I know for me with out the help, support and input of Sita, Ella and Haresh I might not still be here. I know I would still be following my Dharma, but not here on the internet to help others that are interested in devotion to Sri Rama or interested in other paths by linking to other western follows of the other paths open to us.

To everyone in our community and to everyone that has taken part, made posts and given your thoughts on the topics we think important to ourselves at this point, THANK YOU! I love you all.