Thursday, 3 November 2011

Join me on FB and new name!

Yup, finally decided to separate my mates from my spiritual life. So I have started a dedicated FB page to spread out and meet more Sri Vaishnavas from around the world. So please join me at MY NEW FB PAGE

You may also notice that there has been a name change as I have finally received a Sanskrit name. Keeping my name for spiritual purposes was ok, but when I took my samashrayanam I was reborn spiritually and for this purpose I have accepted the name Yathavan based upon my jyotish chart.

Yathavan is a name of Vishnu and means "One who possesses what is right, proper and correct" i.e. one who has those qualities.

I would also like to thank Krishnachandraji :D

Adiyen Yathavan Ramanuja Dasan